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We provide excellent SEO results worldwide. Our experienced SEO professionals are ready to assist you in raising your SEO ranking and increasing traffic to your website. We focus on increasing your website’s awareness through organic trust signals – From positions to authority.


SEO with adaptive strategies to new algorithm.


SEO strategies with exact keywords and Flash websites.


China's #1 search engine with 174 million daily active users


Chinese microblogging website with live stream and posting.

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Climb on top with smart SEO strategies

Whether you’re a startup, a small local business, or an established brand, we cultivate a strong understanding of your business needs to deliver highly engaged organic search traffic.

Website optimization

We perform technical audit, competitive research on keyword strategy, and content audit.

Content management

We build a content to raise your business’ authority and relevance that will retain a clearly defined audience.

High quality backlinks

We work with a network of great backlinks that index your website correctly and keep your ranking climbing up fast.

Local & regional SEO

We focus on the landscape of individualized search results in both local and global settings. 

Baidu SEO & Weibo

Break into China’s largest online platforms. Make your business visible to millions.

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Baidu's unique SEO principles

Baidu operates with its own algorithms and keyword analysis tools that generate relevant results for users that will affect SEO scores. With language complexity, user behaviors, technical requirements and legal issues, here are major considerations for Baidu SEO setup.

Chinese language only

The search algorithms support Chinese content only. It mostly favors Simplified Chinese over Traditional Chinese.


Pay attention to the content as Baidu only index websites that meet the Chinese government’s criteria. 

Duplicate content

While Google penalizes duplicate content resulting in lower SEO scores, Baidu is more flexible.  

JavaScript and AJAX

Baidu does not index any content written in JavaScript, including AJAX and language switchers in JavaScript. 

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